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World First: Canine Power To Protect Pangolins

Johannesburg. 19 June 2018. The African Pangolin Working Group and the Ichikowitz Family Foundation today announced a strategic partnership that will, for the first time, see the training and deployment of specialist Pangolin detection dogs, and the establishment of a

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Waging war on the poaching trade

Waging war on the poaching trade: Hero DOGS skydiving 7,500ft out of helicopters into danger zones to snare hunters slaughtering elephants and rhinos in the African bush Read more: Conservationists waging war on the multi-million pound poaching trade have

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Students complete K9 Anti-Poaching Course

Congratulations to our latest group of students who have completed the Anti-Poaching K9 and handler course at our Anti-Poaching Training and K9 Academy. The twelve week course covers various disciplines including Man tracking / K9 Tracking, First Aid, Camouflage, Observation

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Bloodhound catches five poachers

One bloodhound that we bred and trained, Diesel, has recently been deployed to protect rhinos at a rhino orphanage. Not long after arriving Diesel was responsible for catching five would be rhino poachers.  Diesel did an amazing job by tracking

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Are these skydiving dogs poachers’ worst enemies?

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Meet Arrow and his handler, Henry Holtshyzen. Harnessed together, they take off across the vast wildlife preserve. Arrow seems unperturbed, even as they hurl themselves out of the helicopter, falling more than 6,000 feet to earth

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Skydiving dogs combating poachers across Africa

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Gabon Gets Anti-Poaching Helicopter From South African Group

JOHANNESBURG — A South African foundation is providing a helicopter and other anti-poaching equipment to Gabon, whose forest elephants have been heavily targeted by traffickers. The Ichikowitz Family Foundation said Thursday that it will also provide ranger training and establish

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Africa’s anti-poaching dogs take to the skies

As poachers in Africa become more sophisticated, so too has the response from those trying to stop them, including the use of highly-trained dogs. The BBC got to see what they’re capable of at Paramount Group’s Anti-Poaching and Canine Training

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AFRICAN Independent – K9 commandos unleashed

At a secret training camp called Battle Creek, in the bush, two hours from Johannesburg, dogs and handlers are being trained in using Special Forces techniques to try to stem the tide of poaching that has seen thousands of rhinos

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News24 Correspondent Mbombela – A magistrate in Mpumalanga has praised a Belgian Malinois dog that successfully tracked two poachers, resulting in their conviction. Andolino Mulcube, 20, and Jermano Tive, 20, appeared in the Nelspruit Regional Court on Tuesday. They were

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