Explosive Detection

Our explosive detection dogs are trained to search with an active response. We have extensive experience including vehicle searches, ports and entry points, aircraft and airport environments including high volume passenger and luggage systems using a systematic or free search pattern.

Canine Teams are trained to cover not only typical target and/or terrorist threats, but also hotels, banks, large venue events, VIP areas, concerts, government buildings, mines and international airports.

K9-Security Solutions canines are trained to detect the following explosives:

  • RDX Based (Detacord, Composition C)
  • TNT (Boosters)
  • Chlorates
  • Ammonia and Nitro based Dynamite
  • C-4 / PE-4
  • Semtex
  • Black and Smokeless powders
  • Safety Fuses
  • PETN Base (Primacord, Primers, & Boosters), and PETN (Detasheet & detaprime).
  • Explosive detection canines can also be used to detect firearms and ammunitions