We recognizes the importance of protecting critical infrastructure and personnel from the devastation of natural disasters and the intentional harm of criminal and terrorist activities.

By drawing on highly trained and experienced former military special operations personnel, military police officers, security and technology specialists, we are able to serve companies and organizations world wide by deploying a mobile team of experts to lead threat and vulnerability assessments from a canine perspective.

Areas of expertise include:
Ports, harbors, ships and maritime facilities.
Hotel, Airport and transportation centers.
Business, factories and operations
Infrastructure , mines and Security Estates.


We provides the following K9 training programs: Mine Clearance Tracking Explosive Detection Narcotic Detection Counter-terrorism Executive Protection Search and Rescue Anti-Poaching  


Our personal protection K9’s rate among the top working dogs in the world.

  • They are trained according to live counter terrorism situations.
  • Trained in crowd control techniques, handler protection, estate security, dignitary protection, and other aspects of tactical operations.
  • Our teams are capable of going anywhere, under any conditions, and are trained to protect their principal at all costs.
  • Fearless and unrelenting, these K9’s will perform regardless of circumstances, yet still remain stable and friendly enough to play with your children or work in a crowded, busy environment.


Our Patrol dogs are trained in :

  • Protection work, tracking, area and building searches.
  • Our Patrol dogs have only one handler, we do NOT share dogs!
  • Our Patrol dogs are not just for the show, they do take a Bite out of crime!
  • With only a hand full of our Patrol K9 teams, we can control crowds with thousands of people.
  • Using these dogs to control crowds, the risk of vandalism can be effectively reduced!
  • Patrol K9’s are very effective to secure high risk areas.


Our explosive detection dogs are trained to search with an active response. We have extensive experience including vehicle searches, ports and entry points, aircraft and airport environments including high volume passenger and luggage systems using a systematic or free search pattern.

Canine Teams are trained to cover not only typical target and/or terrorist threats, but also hotels, banks, large venue events, VIP areas, concerts, government buildings, mines and international airports.


  • We train narcotic detection dogs that can detect substances such as Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana and Amphetamines.
  • Detection dogs can search areas that are not accessible to the handlers or to human searchers. Random searches by our detection dogs can be less intrusive than other security alternatives.
  • Our dogs are taught to search trains, buses, aircraft, cars, trucks, schools, vessels, buildings, luggage and more.

Anti Poaching

We train specialist dogs to track poachers and find snares.

  • These dogs can search very large areas for snares, bush meat, Firearms and poachers.
  • These dogs can be used at night when human trackers can not track due to visibility.
  • Wildlife are saved by finding and removing snares before they can kill.
  • These dogs are extremely useful against very skilled poachers using advanced counter-tracking techniques

Contraband Detection

  • We train contraband detection dogs that can detect substances such as Gold, Platinum and Copper.
  • Detection dogs can search areas that are not accessible to the handlers or to human searchers.
  • Our dogs are taught to search trains, buses, aircraft, cars, trucks, people, vessels, buildings, luggage and more.
  • Our Dual Dogs will save our clients money! One dog used for contraband detection and Protection / Patrol work
  • These dogs are very useful in a Mining Environment, providing security and preventing valuable assets being stolen.


We train specialist dogs for Special Forces. These dog are trained to HALO and are used for Hostage Release on Land and Sea platforms.